Adelaide Eco Bins is known for their confidential document destruction services. We understand what a major role these confidential documents play in your business. That is why we take full responsibility for the quality and standard of services that we provide. We have strict rules for confidential document destruction, and we make sure that the confidential data is in no way compromised. Our services are reliable and we fulfill all the security requirements that are necessary to protect the confidential data.

We collect, destroy and dispose of any confidential document or media material. Some of the items that we usually deal with include:

  • Personnel records

  • Business records

  • Medical/health records

  • Office files

  • Contracts and tenders

  • Video tapes, CDs, DVDs and microfiche

  • Archive files

After destruction of paper document, we prefer sending the waste to recycling facilities so that it can be used for some other purpose.

Waste Disposal and Recycling across the entire Adelaide Metropolitan area