5 Reasons You Should Opt for Cardboard Recycling

April 17, 2018 Author:  billy
cardboard recycling

Recycling of paper, metal or plastic wastes has become quite commonplace these days. You can also add cardboard to the list of items to be reprocessed, whether at home or at workplace. Cardboard is one of the materials that is recycled most widely today, and it is completely biodegradable and non-toxic – which makes it perfect to be reused. Check out 5 important reasons why you need to opt for cardboard recycling Adelaide at home.

You Can Prevent Release of Methane

Cardboard happens to be a biodegradable material. While breaking down, cardboard leads to the release of the greenhouse gas known as Methane. Once cardboard gets into landfill, the quantity of Methane released into air can get increased. This can lead to global warming and take up space needlessly in the atmosphere.

You Can Avoid Wasting of Land

More than 90% of all items which are shipped in the United States are shipped in boxes made out of corrugated cardboard. Most of these are used by big corporations. Cardboard is heavy in form, and when boxes made of this material land up in landfill, they take up a lot of space. As cardboard is not coated and is non-toxic in form, it happens to be one of the most conveniently recyclable and reusable materials.

You Can Reduce Felling of Trees

By recycling cardboard, you can reduce the number of trees which have to be cut down for the production of new cardboard. This can especially occur in case of manufacturing of new type of cardboard from virgin fiber – which needs thousands of trees to be felled. This can help you to save water and energy, and also minimize the amount of cardboard and paper which ends up in landfill areas. Cardboard recycling Adelaide can assist you to preserve the ecosystem as well as preserve the resources of earth for successive generations.

You Can Save Money

When you recycle cardboard, you are able to save fees which can be charged for disposal of waste cardboard. You can in fact earn some money when you sell cardboard to a recycling unit for recycling purposes.

You Can Reduce Manufacturing Emissions

With the reuse of cardboard, you can get the chance to lower your manufacturing emissions by as much as 50%. When you get flat or corrugated cardboard recycled, you can obliterate the use of many additional Styrofoam or plastic packing materials which are not biodegradable.

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