You may have seen the ABC`s recent TV series “War on Waste”

The series explains how Australia`s waste is growing at almost twice the rate of the population, and how green waste, and recyclable products ending up in landfill dumps, pose huge threats to our environment.

It is now more important than ever to join Australia`s “War on Waste” – and help direct rubbish away from landfill.

Did you know that 1/3 of our general garbage bins is often food waste. And that the average Family throws out $3,500 worth of food each year. This figure at your workplace would often be much higher.

What is alarming, is how dangerous food waste can be for the environment when piled up in landfill! Food waste releases a greenhouse gas (methane), which is 25 times more potent than the carbon dioxide that comes out of your car!

There`s an equally alarming fact with recyclable products. Some plastics take an extremely long time to break down, some never break down, and unfortunately, these plastics contribute to the sheer size of our landfill dumps.

Simply put  Less products in landfill means the environment would be significantly better off!

Adelaide Eco Bins, a South Australian owned and operated company, can help you set up a system at your workplace which makes recycling and rubbish removal easy.

They can help your workplace separate its` food waste, recycling, and general waste before it even leaves your premises.

This means that you can sleep at night, knowing your company is doing “its` bit” for the environment.

You’ll also know that that less waste is ending up in landfill dumps in our local area.

So make a decision today!

Call Adelaide Eco Bins on (08) 8244 4077, or email [email protected] and get a quote on handling your workplace`s waste and recycling needs.

Adelaide Eco Bins are a reputable name in the waste industry and have over 40 years experience in handling customers waste in SA.

*Quotes and statistics sourced from the ABC`s recent “War on Waste” Series.

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