Construction Waste Experts Are Cementing Their Love With Concrete Recycling Here’s How It Saves The Planet

May 9, 2016 Author:  billy
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The world bows to concrete for the infinite and unmatched benefits that it has bestowed upon modern architectural. Taking a look at the marvels that have been constructed over the past century, the humankind can only shudder to think what would have happened to the world of construction had concrete not been invented. However, no one can deny that there are two sides to every coin including the world of construction. In very simple words, when something is built on the one side, something else is demolished in the other.

Therefore, with construction comes demolition; a process that reduces the otherwise celebrated concrete to nothing more than rubble. More than 80% of the time, and as has been recorded worldwide this rubble is given a fond farewell in landfills which is one of the most despicable creators of land pollution. Wasting concrete is not an option with the world today all thanks to a list of hazards that are assured to flow in within the next five decades if not lesser.

The process of producing cement which is the most important ingredient in concrete involves massive production of CO2. It is in fact frightening to know that manufacturing a ton of cement actually releases about an equal amount (that is, a ton) of CO2 into the atmosphere. The latter has been recognized is the main reason behind global warming and associated climatic upheavals. It has also been stated by researchers that any further emission of CO2 could cause the global temperatures to rise on an average by 7 degrees by the end of the century, which can cause devastations that is way beyond the imagination of the generations inhabiting the planet today.

The terrorizing hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes that have been taking place over the past half century can be considered only a preview of what is to follow later. Recycling of concrete and using the same for more construction purposes inhibits the not just excessive gravel mining but also prevents adding any extra carbon-dioxide to the atmosphere. Responsible entities like services for concrete removal Adelaide have pushed the pedals for concrete recycling even though there are a few undeniable hurdles to overcome in this process.

At present, recycled concrete is actively being used in roads and highway constructions in many places across the world with Australia, Japan and certain European nations taking a significant lead. It is expected that the rest of the world especially the developed nations will catch up with this environment friendly trend by the end of the next decade.

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