The Trend of Recycling in Adelaide

April 1, 2018 Author:  billy
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Adelaide is known to be a neat and clean city across the globe. To maintain this high degree of cleanliness, rubbish removal mechanisms in the city are followed religiously. Much of the waste also goes into recycling in Adelaide. Recycling has many benefits.

Firstly, it conserves the natural resources. Metals, paper and wood are among the notable resources whose conservation has been exemplified with recycling. Secondly, it reduces the amount of waste that is burnt or buried. Although both the ways- incineration as well as land filling is not completely eco- friendly, what other options are there? Landfills take up valuable space and moreover emit methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Although incinerators equipped with modern technology do not cause as much pollution, they still produce some noxious emissions.

Adelaide has lot of companies whom you can call for waste removal of big products like mattresses and box springs, furniture, electronic appliances like televisions, microwave, computer and air conditioners to name a few. Industries produce even larger quantity of waste as compared to the domestic volume. Disposing those are even a bigger challenge. Since, factories use lot of potent chemicals, it is important that these are managed properly so as to ensure that no environmental hazard is caused due to this. Plastics are used rampantly these days whether in the form of bottles, containers or bags. These can be effectively recycled by sending them back to the respective industry. It is difficult and expensive to extract metals from ore. Hence, scrap aluminum can be sent to the factory and re-melted to be used as new again. Medical waste too needs proper method of degradation. Timber and paper industry have been in the recycling reform since a long time. This way cutting of trees is reduced.

Besides the social and environmental benefits, proper waste management and recycling has positive impact on the economy as well.

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Waste Disposal and Recycling across the entire Adelaide Metropolitan area

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